Auxiliary Cable


PERFECT SOUND – NO HISS & NO STATIC: The cord is heavily shielded with aluminium foil and copper wire mesh. Connectors are plated with real 24K gold. Signal wires are made of 100% pure copper and insulated with high impedance nitrogen-injected dielectric. This makes sound quality exceptionally perfect.

FITS ALL SMARTPHONE CASES & 3.5 MM AUDIO PORTS: Thick, heavy and bulky cases and recessed headphone ports won’t create connection issues. Unique step-down design will keep connectors secure in your devices.

100% COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL DEVICES: All devices having standard 3.5mm (1/8″) audio port
s (often called AUX) can be successfully connected with this cable. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, mp3 players, headphones, in-car stereos and portable speakers.

FLEXIBLE & EXTREMELY TOUGH: This cable is built to last for years. It uses high quality durable wiring and rock-solid metal tubes that encase 3.5 MM connectors.

LENGTH: 3.3FT (1M) – Free Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

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